Getting started

Welcome! You just accepted your EDIC PhD offer—what’s next?

In your first year, you will get used to doing research, and are not expected to be fully productive yet. In most fields, you will probably not publish a paper in your first year. It’s all about showing that you can do it. Depending on your lab, you may or may not have an office yet, but in any case, you should hang out in the common room (INR 012 and adjacent rooms). It’s a great way to meet and socialize with other students in your cohort.


Where to ask for help

In general, you can always talk to your buddy for personal assistance, your contact person or advisor for academic questions, the EDIC staff for administrative questions, and of course the student representatives.

Also check out the “getting started” websites of the EPFL IC doctoral school, the EPFL-wide doctoral school, and the EPFL student affairs.

Administrative formalities
Semester projects
Candidacy exam