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First Year Guide

New PhD student at EPFL

You just arrived in Lausanne and you don’t know how to deal with the various administrative and practical tasks that you have to do?

You may find EDIC’s arrival Guide useful.

3 words: What’s next?

Welcome to this exciting adventure! You got accepted to the program, filled all of the forms, and looked for an apartment. So what’s next?

The first year has some pretty specific regulations and rules that you need to know about, and it’s hard not to be misled by rumors and half-truths circulating in the common office and around it. Hopefully this guide will shed some light on these matters and help you to successfully accomplish your first year!

In general, if you have any doubts or questions, there are some people you can always talk to: your buddy for personal assistance, your contact person or advisor for academic questions, and the EDIC staff for administrative questions. Last but not least, you can always turn to your EPIC student’s association and/or your student representatives for help!

What is expected from you in the 1st year
Semester projects
Candidacy exam